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CE Solutions is located at the intersection of Business, Design and Technology. Being a small-scale branding organization with video at the core, CE Solutions brings the power of a large-scale advertising agency to the small and medium-sized business owner, at a reasonable price.

CE Solutions, Inc. was founded by Chris Johnson and Evan Weissman when they saw a hole in today’s digital marketplace that needed to be filled. Small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have the time and resources available to properly brand and market themselves in the digital space. CE Solutions plans to work in tandem with the small business owner to help them achieve their long-term goals. We drive sales and traffic through genuine content that makes a strong connection with the customer. See what we can do for you. 



CE Solutions brings over seven years of Chris’s professional video production experience in all aspects of the process, from initial creative direction, to production, to delivery and implementation in the proper channels. Chris has worked for multiple production companies and independently built his own client base for which he acts as a trusted expert in his field.   

Drawn by an overwhelming demand from clients to extend their reach, the Web and Marketing arms of the business were born. Teaming up with Evan, the CE arsenal grew to include his years of experience at a high-end NYC advertising agency, and a franchise of a national fitness company, where he led their successful social media, promotions, and marketing efforts. 



CE Solutions extends the reach of the client with video production, web design and development, social media, branding, advertising and promotions, graphic design, mobile development and photography. Large-scale agency quality and results are provided while building strong relationships through intimate, reliable customer service.

The company owns its own HD production equipment, including a full post-production suite, several professional cameras, sound and lighting gear. Types of videos include: corporate marketing or sales, instructional, promotional, sports production, and independent film. 

CE Solutions, Inc. is a one-stop shop for both the creation and management of content. Success is driven by producing stunning content from a client’s vision, and putting it in front of the eyes that should be viewing it.

How can we brand you? View our services page to find out. 



Email: info@cesolutions.tv

Phone: (908) 601-4049


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