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Pella – Holiday Music Video

At CE Solutions, we are proud to deliver a complete package highlighted by high quality cinematography, video editing and motion graphics to our clients.

We were recently hired by director Vin Nucatola and Pella, an NYC-based Jewish a cappella band, to shoot and edit their new music video. Under a tight deadline of three shooting days and only a week to edit, we delivered the final video in time for a release before Chanukah.

The result was a professional video production that captivated the eye of the public for the holiday season and gained incredible momentum in several forms of media…






With over 22,000 views on YouTube in in the first few days, the video quickly went viral. Fans shared the video with family and friends using social media and many bloggers began to take notice. The responses began piling up and they were overwhelmingly positive. 

The pinnacle of this success came on December 20th, 2011 when it was featured in the 10 o’clock hour of NBC’s Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee. After reviewing the “Best of YouTube”, the girls played the Pella video as a way of wishing Happy Hanukkah to their loyal viewers.  

Following this, the video continued to be successful amassing over 60,000 views on YouTube in under three weeks. It even caught the eye of pop band the song was sampled from, Hot Chelle Rae. Pella was featured on their homepage and they embraced the a cappella version of the hit song. 




Last year’s a-capella Hanukkah song “Candlelight” by the Maccabeats got over six million views on You Tube. The holiday-themed take on Taio Cruz’s hit “Dynamite” led the Maccbeats to internet fame and even a performance at the White House for President Obama. 

This year, a new group is competing for the title of most-watched Hanukkah song on You Tube.  The Pella Singers new video “Holiday Party” was featured on the Today Show and is a take on Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight, Tonight”.Both videos feature adorable singers, great production and of course, amazing a-cappella singing. So if you’ve seen both, which one is your favorite? []

Pella Singers Celebrate the Holidays in Style

Are you into Jewish cloning? The Pella Singers are obviously in favor of the process in their new music video, “Holiday Party.” The song, which is a parody of “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae, namedrops dreidels and Adam Sandler for Hanukkah before moving onto Rosh Hashanah and Purim, the latter showcasing some sweet superhero costumes.

Throughout it all, the Pella Singers duplicate and bust a move. Yes, that’s right: one becomes many right before your eyes. Do you like seeing Jewish guys shaking what their bubbes gave them? Then your dreams have just come true! In the end, Jspace can always get behind a good rooftop party. Mazel! [JspaceBlog]